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Deanne Woodring
2188 SW Park Place
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Portland, OR 97205
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Government Portfolio Advisors is an independent, employee-owned firm that offers cost-effective, objective investment advice to public entities. The firm and its advisors are 100% dedicated to public fund operating, project and reserve funds. We manage over $10 billion in regulatory assets under management and have another $5 billion in consulting assets under contract, $4 Billion of which is in Washington. Our team of Senior Advisors has over 100 years of combined experience serving public entities since 1982. GPA is a registered WBE in the state of Washington. Government Portfolio Advisors, and has designed a non-discretionary investment advisory service that is attractive to many public funds around the country. Our service provides for the ability to outsource specific time-consuming tasks involved with investment program, yet the control and decision making of specific security selection remains in your hands, where it belongs. We understand that each entity is unique in market experience, time allocation, investment resources, and strategic planning, so we can customize a scope of service that supports the specific needs of each client.

Government Portfolio Advisors was founded on the belief that public entities have the responsibility and the desire to achieve financial excellence. Our services are designed to partner with public fund finance professionals, to enhance experience, knowledge, market access and strategic planning to the investment program.

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